This website is beautiful. Anyways, have some obscure downloadables:

Almost useful tool to build, manage and send arbitrary payloads to arbitrary endpoints.
...except, this version only has support for TCP. *shrug*
Download PacketSmith

This is the 0.TAU release of UWE, but patched for the Win10 WinAPI changes.
Sniffers for incoming raw traffic and file handles are working again.
Couldn't be bothered to fix Google Play/Spotify Browser support though.

If you're confused about what this is, just don't click this button ;)

Download WinampExeDaemon 0.52 (Win + Linux):
Download .tar
Daemon version of the legacy WinampExeProTools, this is the current output generated by this server:


Play Legends of Hypertext Markup.

HowMuchPony: Uses a neural network to detect how pony a picture is.
Download HowMuchPony: Not supported anymore.

A crappy version can be found online here:
Pony Check Online
It also uses a neural network, but hasn't really been trained well.

RobotPaintAttack: Use PaintScript to draw a picture in MSPaint. Windows 7 tested only.
Warning: will take control of mouse and keyboard, don't touch anything while it paints. Use at your own risk.
No documentation for PaintScript available, but it has autocompletion and help stuff...
Download RobotPaintAttack:
Download .rar

No, I will not put anything useful here...